Relax in Tuscany

Try to de-stress while you prepare for your important day...

To help calm your nerves, you could treat yourselves to a pre-wedding massage or treatment at a resort’s spa. We could arrange a whole day or two days program with thermal bath, hydromassages, massages, beauty treatments to look and feel fabulous, not frazzled, on the big day. You can enjoy this relaxing time with you future husband or you can also share it with your friends. Spa parties are an original way to get together without a complexion-wrecking hangover in the morning.


Thermal Spa A picturesque cave is the hearth of this spa with a long history which has been completely restored and which offers the most modern techniques and a specialized professionalism both as for beauty and for health treatments. The warmth and the humidity of the cave are excellent for the skin, for the breath and for many muscular and bones problems. Starting from the entrance through to the deepest part of the Grotta, three different zones are crossed, each one increasing in heat, which tradition has named Paradise, Purgatory and Hell and Limbo has a picturesque lake. After the treatment in the Grotta you can choose among several kind of treatments starting from hydromassage to energetic technique and fitness. You may choose thermal body treatments in the wellness centre or beauty services. Bride and groom may choose one day spa pacakeges or invite friends. Otherwise you may decide to spend a couple of days enjoying the elegance of the rooms and of the garden. Obviously you may enjoy some hours in the thermal swimming pool and have a drink in the minimal but warm bioaquam cafè, where you could also arrange an elegant rehearsal dinner or a simple brunch.