Wedding Tuscany Frequently Ask Questions

Which kind of ceremonies are possible?

  • Civil Ceremony

  • Catholic Ceremony

  • Protestant Ceremony

  • Jewish Ceremony

  • Simbolic Blessing

  • Renoval Vows

  • Other upon Request

Is it possible to have a blessing outside in a garden or in a villa?

Yes, Wedding Tuscany can arrange blessing wherever you wish, in a private chapel, in a garden, in a castle or in a villa.

Is it possible to have a civil wedding in a garden or in a villa?

No, in Italy civil ceremonies can only be performed in buildings belonging to the municipality. There are just some exceptions regarding beautiful outside settings and marvellous villas, which can be suggested by Wedding Tuscany together with a wide choice of charming Town Halls, all historical monuments situated in the heart of art cities or in picturesque villages.

Is it possible to have a religious ceremony in a villa or in a garden?

It is possible to arrange almost every kind of religious ceremony in villas or castles, with exception of catholic weddings, which can only be performed in recognised churches belonging to the parish. Wedding Tuscany will propose you the most charming churches at the venue you have chosen.

With a civil ceremony in Italy do I get a certificate which is valid also in my country?

Yes, at the end of the civil ceremony you will receive a multilingual wedding certificate which is valid in your country.

Which period of the year do you recommend to get married in Italy?

Every period of the year shows its attraction but, if you wish to have sun, flowers but not a too hot weather, we suggest the period going from April to the beginning of June or the months of September and October.

When should we start planning our wedding in Italy?

If you wish to have a wide choice regarding venues and accommodation we suggest to begin 6 to 9 months before the wedding date. In this case you will have plenty of time to look at the different proposals, to come for inspection if you wish and to reserve later on. Wedding Tuscany is able to arrange a wedding also in less than 3 months but obviously, the choice is restricted to the locations, which still have availability. If you are thinking about a catholic ceremony, we warmly suggest to start planning at list 6 months before the wedding in order to have enough time to prepare the requested documents if some is missing.

How many days prior to the wedding should we arrive?

We suggest to arrive at least 2 or 3 days before the wedding. If you have reserved a civil wedding you have to come, with us, to the municipality for the sworn declaration two days prior to the wedding. If you are not EU citizen you may need (it depends on your Nationality) to come some days before to the Consulate or Embassy. Anyway we suggest to come at list 3 days before, in order to check everything with us and in order to take your time and relax or, if you wish, to make a rehearsal dinner or to spend some time in spa. The purpose is always a non-stress wedding! Moreover, if you have reserved hairstylist, make up artist and gown, you will need some relaxing time to make trials.

Is the ceremony in Italian?

The civil ceremony is always in Italian and Wedding Tuscany & Event will provide you with an interpreter in your language, who is obliged to swear that he/she will translate everything faithfully and truly. As for religious ceremonies, they can be performed in Italian or English. In case of other languages, an interpreter will translate everything.

How do we choose the venue, accommodation and location for our wedding?

According to your expectations and wishes, you can choose more than a location among our several suggestions and ask for information. Otherwise, if you have the chance to come to Italy, we will prepare an inspection program for you to see as many location as you wish. Once you have a clearer idea of what you like you can stop one or more option for some weeks before taking your final decision, reserve the location and pay the deposit.