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Crea anche tu il tuo Wed Site completamente GRATIS Metti on line le tue nozze e condividi con amici e parenti la tua storia d'amore.



Getting married on the green, peaceable hills, under the dazzling sunset or on the sandy beaches of Tuscany is a growing trend! ... Are you dreaming of a wonderful day to telling the world the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life?
Of course, this involves very careful planning and you may not feel completely confident about many choices and decisions you will have to make.
If this is so, you will welcome to Wedding Tuscany EVENTI staff to guide you through every organisational detail.
You pick the venue and the menu, and then our wedding planners will fill in the gaps can spend all your time choosing a suitable dress for an extraordinary wedding Under the Tuscan Sun!!!
We also suggest you ideas to rediscover the magic of married life by renewing your vows or giving a special touch to wedding anniversaries.
Nothing would be a problem, we will give you our complete support for paperwork, for your accommodation, for the ceremony and the reception and for all other things you may need.
You will have a real stress free wedding if you give us the opportunity to help you step by step, whether you have five weeks, five months, one year or more to go.


Anything is possible you can get married in a castle, on a beach, on a boat, in a vineyard, theme park or mountain range. If the scenery and atmosphere are the most important thing of your wedding, go with your dream trusting in our wedding planner experience.


It is not a case that many famous foreign poets and writers chose Tuscany as their second home. Tuscany is the heart of ...more You dream to get married in Tuscany but you are afraid everything will be more complicated and give you much to do!!...more
If you wish to have a religious ceremony, in Tuscany you just need to inform us which religion you belong to and we will ...more Each detail is important. Everyone’s eyes will focus on the bride. What you need is not just a beautiful dress but most of all a...more
No wedding would be complete without those photographs to be treasured by you and your family for years to come. We at...more Music is the food of love". Depending on the location for your wedding in Tuscany we can supply a variety of options....more
One of the opportunities you have, when you think about how your wedding tuscany will be, is to rent a villa, a...more This is not always a priority in the wedding planning but we can organise coaches to transport guests to and from...more
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